About Lifespace Home Innovations

Michael and Nicole Thomas Co-Owners of Lifespace

Two boys, a business and a tiny widdle house.

Yep 2006, we started a family and for some (perhaps questionable) reason at the most exhausting, financially strapped stage of our lives, decided we wanted a new direction.


You know the one, proud parents, work for ourselves, flexible hours around raising the new little apple of our eye. We make a start and… BANG. Pregnant again! What were we thinking!

How much room do these kids take? Where are we all going to fit? Guess that internet business needs to be S-P-A-C-E   S-A-V-I-N-G.

So it started with a home office and garage full of stock.... until it e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d into a self storage facility. Several moves later, we're in a real warehouse and office, connected Australia wide.

Why we’re different

  • Owner Operated – It’s easy to reach us directly because we answer the calls, remember you and follow up personally.
  • Product Knowledge – We handle the products daily and have written the descriptions so we can tell you specifics, get further measurements or assist with comparisons.
  • Fast Despatch – 95% of orders are despatched the next business day
  • Trackable – Your emailed a ‘One Click Link’ to show the latest tracking information available for your parcel
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Change of mind? Didn’t work for you? Send it back for a refund.
  • Warehouse Pick Up – Order online and collect from our Hendon Warehouse
  • Storage Advice – we’re happy to make suggestions for any of your storage problems and if we don’t have what it takes will refer you to someone that might.
  • Customer Service – we pride ourselves on prompt replies to assist with your queries, unlike generic call centre staff. We won’t just tell you what you want to hear or take the easy answer to make a sale if it’s not the best option.

Meet the Lifespace the team

Michael – Makes It Happen
Trawling the best of the best, to buy those nifty products that warm our hearts and homes… this Garage Guru wants your storage space humming like his own garage gear and there’s not much he can’t answer.
Oh, he’s also our website administrator, SEO, warehouse, packaging and shipping guru. These things don’t take care of themselves!

Nifty Nic – The Fixer
I’d prefer Organisational Queen, but reality is that in IT and logistics there’s always a need to iron out a few software or delivery kinks. They’re a slight distraction from the real work of customer service, webcontent, newsletters, marketing, bookkeeping and wrangling those growing boys.