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Bedroom Storage Hints

Shoe Storage


Find a place to store your shoes that is easy to access daily and will keep them looking good for longer. Over the door, on the floor or in shelves, whatever your circumstances we have a solution.

Whitmor Extending and Stacking Shoe Rack $45.95




 Space Bags

Out of season clothes or just precious items that need to be kept dry and dust free, store them in vacuum sealed Space Bags.

Space Bag Vaucuum Seal Under Bed Tote $34.95




Over Door Hooks


Use any wasted space, no matter where it is. Most bedrooms have multiple doors, main, walk-in robe, en-suite or wardrobes. These doors can be used to hold and store many items, particularly with over door hooks.

Heavy Duty 5 Hook Over Door $18.95





Neat Freak Hanging Wardrobe Storage


Hanging storage solutions that can be used for bulky or large items like jumpers and hats are a great way to use space that is underutilised. Many shelf dividers, baskets and tiered trolleys can also add valuable wardrobe storage options.

Closet Max 10 Shelf Shoe Organiser $39.95





Stacking Jewellery Organiser


Watches, jewellery, perfumes and ties can all be organised in simple yet effective drawer organisers for your dresser.

Modular and stacking organisers for dressers and jewellery priced from $9.25






Look under your bed!! Is it untidy? Do you have trouble finding anything there? Or is it just not being used? The space under your bed is a great place to store items, you just need to organise it.

Tubtrugs Large 35L Shallow $29.95


Expandable Wardrobe Hanging Bar


Double your wardrobe hanging space by using the area often underutilised between the bottom of your clothes and the floor.  Sounds easy? It is!

Close Max Expanding Hanging Max Bar by Neat Freak $24.95



Chocolate Timber Clothes Valet
Clothes valets are a great way to get yourself organised the night before and ensure you get to work or make that meeting on time. 
 Interdesign Zia Scarf Holder
Specialty hangers can maximise wardrobe space for skirts, trousers, tops, scarves, belts and ties. Tiered options mean less hooks, but specialist designs such as the Hickson Hanger can also maximise care for your items or make them easier to locate. Imagine scarves all in one convenient location ready for your selection.
Spectrum Shelf Dividers
Organise wardrobe shelving with slide on shelf dividers to keep your items and accessories neatly lined up.

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