Polder Style Station Caddy

Shall we finish the bathroom area first for National Organising Week... before moving on?

Pull everything out of that bathroom/vanity cupboard, wipe clean, toss things not used or too old. Be strong, if it fails the test 'do you need it, use it or love it'.

Group like things together to return to the cupboard in sections, closest to where you use them and obviously the most used items at easiest reach.

Think what organisers could help in this area. Is it some cheap little plastic trays, small drawers, or a suction hairdryer holder or even some drawer organisers? Maybe you want a cosmetic organiser for quick easy access given many of us make it a daily morning activity.

Over door hooks behind the bathroom door can also help lift clothes off the floor when showering.

It's handy to keep a spray cleaner and wiping rag in the cupboard too if you have messy little ones like me.

Vanity door storage options can offer some simple solutions, both within baskets inside the cupboard, or hooks on the outside

Suction accessories can also lift things off the ground or benches  

Here's where you can find some products for the counter top too.