It is that time of year again, the best of the outdoor clothes drying is behind us and we can turn our attention to indoor, verandah or balcony options instead. Our range of Clothes Airers and Drying racks for 2015 is now complete and I thought it is a good opportunity to run through the basics of buying and using these great and necessary household items, the humble Clothes Airer.

In general terms, Clothes Airers come in a few different types, floor standing, wall mounted, hanging and there are also some specialised dryers for individual or difficult items to dry. Here I will show you the types and hopfully you will come away with a clearer idea of the type that will suit your needs.

Floor Standing:

The floor standing Clothes Airer is by far the most common, most of these fold away for storage and they come in a number of types. What to look for is basically a matter of size budget and needs, combine these with where you want to store it when the better weather returns and you have found your laundry drying solution.

So with this in mind, lets look at some of these and the strengths they have. The Pegasus range from Leifheit have most bases covered with models suitable for small and large needs. Leifheit Pegasus 120 is a smaller fold out airer, great for apartment living and works really well in bath tubs, with it's non slip feet. Leifhet MAXX is a really tall airer for those of you with a family of basketballers, but also fantastic for large items like bedding. There is also the smaller and more compact Leifheit Capri 100, great for smaller areas and really easy to store away. 

Wall Mounted:

A wall mounted Clothes Airer has advantages over floor standing ones, the most obvious are space saving and convenience. Mounted to a wall above a washing machine or in a wet area where bathers etc can be hung, then folded away when not in use, is what sets them apart. German Brand Leifheit make quality Wall Mounted Clothes Airers, including the Telegant Plus 100. This is the airer we have been selling the longest, it's simple and strong design can be attached to any wall, the folding arm mechanism is really easy to use and it can be installed inside or out. When you are finished, it simply folds back against the wall and you hardly see it. The Leifheit Teleclip 100 and the Teleclip 60 have a similar pull out design, but work with a consertina type pull out mechanism.

Another type of Wall Mounted Clothes Airer, is the Leifheit Rollfix. Attach it to a wall and pull out the 5 drying lines to have an instant clothes line almost anywhere. These create 21 meters of drying area and can be installed over a bath or in the laundry or even a garage.


A hanging type Clothes Airer can provide a different solution that may suit some situations or even complement another type of Clothes Dryer. A small items hanging dryer/airer, like the Portable Clothes Dryer 20 Peg, is perfect for small items of clothing like socks and underware. After sorting, small items can be dried on these at the outdoor clothes line or in a wardrobe and larger items aired on a normal type clothes airer. Over the door type hangers such as the Over Door Clothes Hanger or the Over Door Ironing Hanger, can provide a back of the door solution for hanging all sorts of Laundry area items.


When you have a special woolen knit, camisole, blouse or hosiery that is difficult to dry without creasing or risking damage with pegs etc, we have the Leifheit Sensitive Air. A brilliant and simple airer for just this job. This is essentially an oval shape mesh with a flexible outer ring. It can be attached to a Clothes Aier with the press stud clips, or just use the tension strap across the bottom, to bend into a gentle arch and place your item of clothing on it. This can then be left on a table or laundry bench to dry naturally and in the correct shape. Another simple solution is the Folding Garment Dryer, this  is used for a single top or Jumper and simply hook over the clothes line or Clothes Airer.