Tall Boy

I think I've settled the final piece in my puzzle to control homely clutter.

It's a tall, dark and handsome character. Should I feel guilty?

For me it's all about enhancing the flow of items arriving into our house, but importantly balanced with those leaving on time, without serious consequence and keeping the household on track.

This tallboy in the entrance hall has become a sorting station for the otherwise clown-like juggling of uninvited materials. Yep, those things that clutter our brains and cause unwanted stress as we shift them from place to place and procrastinate about making the tough decision.

Some incoming matter we know we won't process, so bin it or pass it on before it further penetrates our home or mind. Others we wish to absorb or have no choice due to the consequences that can arise.

At the moment I seem more focussed on moving items out - probably a symptom of a small home as we strive to make space after a child's birthday, prepare for Christmas and ensure items we've outgrown find useful homes.

I may have found what works for me.... but think about what fits into your routine? What presents logical steps so that you're not wasting time and effort back tracking and you stick to it! The solution should also keep evolving to keep pace with changing family dynamics.

The tallboy is just one component of our broader clutter proofing plan. Stay tuned for the paperwork, quick tidy up principal and other ideas that work for me - at least they do currently.