National Organising Week

Is clutter stifling your creativity and efficiency? Does it constantly distract you from the task at hand? NOW there’s a National Organising Week (NOW) on 2-8 September, 2013 to help combat this constant dilemma affecting almost every household.

“Enhancing your daily organisation can reduce stress, while saving time and money,” says Nicole Thomas, and Adelaide Mum and Co-Founder of website Lifespace Store and Organise which delivers to your door Australia wide.

“Imagine no more elbow deep searches through the wardrobe, lost paperwork incurring late fees or wasted food buried in the pantry? What about that often long-lost joy of clear floors and bench tops that present a rewarding neatness?”

“Getting organised can be as simple as creating clear spaces and an orderly process that helps with daily activities – such as reaching for breakfast items in the morning rush – yet for many it’s also an overwhelming task begging the question, where to start?

“Organised spaces don’t need to be a fantasy – nor mentally taxing or expensive to create.

“Many of us can add a free standing shelf to the kitchen cupboard, some over door hooks, suction baskets, laundry sorting station or hook system on the garage walls. It’s all about better using the space we already have, while culling the clutter,” says Nicole. shares piles of ideas on Nic’s blog and facebook page ( ) to assist a variety of problem areas in the kitchen, bedroom, laundry, bathroom and garage.

Meantime, everyone can try getting organised during National Organising Week by identifying one tidy task at a time. See the tried and tested steps below.

Lifespace Store and Organise is an Adelaide based, Mum and Dad business, delivering home and garage storage products Australia wide. It was borne out of necessity to find diverse items that would maximise Michael and Nicole’s lifespace amid a growing family living in close surrounds.

Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) – Steps to getting organized:

Have a vision – Choose your organising challenge and keep it simple. Write down your motivation for organising this space and visualise how you want the space to look, feel and function. Consider one area of your home or office to start on. For example – pantry, office cubicle, home office, children’s bedroom, garage etc. Take a ‘before’ photo and remember your vision if the going gets tough.

Clear & Clean – Clear the area you’ve chosen to organise and clean all surfaces. This is the chance to start with a clean slate and you’ll be amazed how it inspires you to use the space better.

Sort & Purge – Sort your items into categories like Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash, Recycle, Repair. Group items that belong together or perform similar purposes for quick referral and ease of use. Dispose of the items you no longer need responsibly.

Assign, Store & Label – Give the items you have decided to keep an assigned place to live. Choose storage solutions that allow easy access to the items. Use words or pictures to label items so you never forget what you have. Labelling takes the guess work out of finding what you need quickly and easily.

Celebrate – Congratulations! Step back and admire your efforts. Take an ‘after’ photo and compare the two images. Enjoy the clarity of mind as well as your enhanced physical space. Celebrate your success with a well-deserved treat.