Everloc Solutions Bathroom Shelf Large

The newest range of Everloc Suction products for 2013-2014 has just arrived at Lifespace. We are very excited about this range of suction holders and accessories and wanted to provide some more in information about the features and benefits of the latest generation from Everloc.

The Everloc range is available in 2 main types. The Endure and the Solutions ranges both have the same new type of suction cap.

Everloc Endure: Each item in this range features a stainless steel chrome coated frame, which will provide maximun durability for the life of the product. The Endure range of suction products consists of Toilet Brush Holder, Utensils Holder, Toilet Roll Holder, Double Corner Basket, Soap Holder, Corner Basket, Bathroom Shelf, Half Round Shelf .

Right out of the box, these products feel like quality items, the chrome finish is flawless, creating a sophisticated look. Each Everloc Endure Suction product is made to last, the stainless steel frames are strong and not flimsy in any way.

Each basket and holder has a rating of weight carrying capacity, either 8kg for the smaller of the 2 sized suction caps or 15kg for the larger ones.

The suction cap that Everloc has used for the latest range is quite unique and worth looking at closer.

The design of this cap is not a radical change from others we have seen before, the cap is placed on a flat smooth surface and a screw mechanism is used to pull the cap from the middle back to create a strong suction. This has been used for many years successfully. Where Everloc has made the most change is in the cap itself.

Made from a soft sticky silicone, the cap then also has a secondary bonded ring, embedded in the cap. This helps to fill in any small imperfections in the mounting surface creating a better and stronger seal. The backing plate has a graduated ring system to force the suction cap onto the surface and keep it in place when in use.

We have done some testing with these Everloc Suction Caps and found them to be an excellent product to use and the suction capacity is outstanding. The sticky nature of the cap allows for positioning without using the suction and when the tightening screw is secured it provides a really strong grip.

The caps can be used over and over, simply submerge the suction cap section only in hot water for 15 minutes, this process returns it to the original shape and restores the sticky surface for positioning again or elsewhere. (Don't dry them with teatowels or bath towels as the lint will detract from their grip.

Everloc Solutions Range: Each product in the Solutions range features a solid steel frame and a quality chrome finish.

The Solutions range from Everloc consists of: Shower Caddy, Towel Rail, Towel Ring, Large Shelf, Round Shelf, Dental Station, Toilet Roll Holder, Hair Care Centre, Shaver Holder, Hair Dryer Holder, Hair Straightener Holder, Single Hooks and Double Hook Packs.