Our Garage would have to deliver some of the most useful space in the home, yet for many it is the most underappreciated place. 

It's surprising how organised the rest of our life becomes, yet the garage is often the last place to rise above disorganisation. For many of us, it's perhaps the first dump point... but it's also often the first entry point creating a first impression of what lifestyle might be awaiting within. Chaos or simplicity? What do we want to be greeted with as we arrive home at the end of a long, hard day?

Given the tight squeeze for 2 cars in our garage, we set out to create a tidy and practical place that didn't encroach on vehicle space.
For us it was most easily done with strategically positioned wall mounted shelving and hooks. We've used the Rubbermaid Fast Track shelving kit and Rubbermaid's modular wire shelves, which hang from a horizontal rail screwed into studs or brick. The great thing about the Fast Track Rails is that they line both side walls and we can move hooks and the shelves that attach to any part to suit the growing needs of our family. You know, when scooters or sports interest change seasonally or with various fads.
Currently bikes grace the widest part, one group of shelves sit toward one end filled with camping gear and gardening equipment. A ladder hook mounted between. The opposite wall has long handled tools and another bank of shelving, with pet food containers, beach equipment and more - well clear of the car.

Few of us want to tackle the overwhelming thought of organising our garage, but with some straight forward steps, it's worthwhile regaining your valuable space.
Organising our garages simply means finding a place for everything in it so we can find each thing much easier and get houshold jobs done faster. Think of the time we save in the long run!
Firstly, sort all items in your garage and categorise them. Empty the garage out and put everything in different piles according to category such as garden equipment, electric tools, sporting equipment, long handled tools.
Secondly, really query what items are no longer used, needed or loved? Chances are it's time they were turfed or could benefit someone else more.
Thirdly, consider if some items are better homed elsewhere - perhaps closer to where they're used or if rarely and you can't part with them, consider placing them in your roof space.

Some plastic tubs that fit on shelves or stack can be great for smaller items accessed less regularly - stored by category for easy finding. Label the theme of each container to ease location of items.
This is where we screwed in the Fast Track Rails and simply clicked in the shelves and hooks we had on hand to suit our bikes, ladder, long handled tools and electric cords. Move these accessories as needs change.

Pictured: Rubbermaid Fast Track 2 shelf starter kit & 2 shelves. Cost: $143.85