Freedomrail Shelving

Is your laundry like a bombshell? Firstly you need some clear space.

If it's large and doubles as a storage/dump area, consider shelving like Freedomrail (we've not found anything to match it's strength and stability!) coupled with some plastic tubs if need be.

Empty and clean cupboards - as per my recent posts - grouping like things together and those used with priority in the easiest accessible positions.

Consider some storage baskets or plastic tubs. A quality sorting hamper & iron holders that can also mount an ironing board can make life much easier too.

Get mops and brooms up off the grounder with appropriate holders.

A suction basket above the sink can assist tidying up the sink area - and of course a rail in the cupboard for a hand towel.

One of my most useful items is the pull out wall mounted clothes airer that folds flat against the wall.

See the categories mentioned here for ideas.

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