Under Sink Expanding Shelf

Get Organised NOW with our National Organising Week Tasks & Tips.

Lets tackle a small, simple area first. How about under the kitchen sink?

Remove all items, be ruthless and chuck what you no longer use or is tattered and beyond it.

Wipe down all surfaces.

Group similar cupboard contents together, and we should store these with the most commonly used at the front for easy reach - (for me, the spray bottle to wipe down the bench).

Consider... how can you maximise space here? Is it some tubs with bottles stored together, extra shelving, or pull out baskets?

Consider a towel rack to hang a cloth inside? An over cupboard basket that hangs inside the cupboard door for sponges etc. These options can also help get cluttery items off the bench tops if this is what you prefer.

See some further items including pull out baskets that you may want to consider here.

Pictured: Made Smart Under Sink Expanding Shelf $42.95