Desk Office


What is your vision for the perfect home office? Do you want a home office that is not only functional but also lets you find any piece of paperwork you need in a jiffy? Of course you do!

It’s all in the organising systems – and making sure they work for you. Visualise what you would like your home office to look like – how does it look, feel and function? Write it all down or start collecting pictures.

Clear & Clear: It’s time to clear all the paperwork and electronic equipment out of the office and give it a good clean. Box up all the loose items, clear the desk and wipe it down, give the computer a good dusting and remove all the items that don’t belong in the room.

Congratulations you have almost completed your first Organising challenge of National Organising Week. Make the most of this fifth and final step. Let’s celebrate! Look back at what you have achieved.

The home office is often the hardest room of the home to do as paperwork can take a lot of time to sort. Even longer if you have your photographs and those pesky chargers and electronic cords stored here.

Once you have knocked this room on the head you are more than qualified for all the other rooms in the house. Now is the time to take a long bath, go to a movie, buy some flowers or a new diary – anything that celebrates all your hard work. And of course – keep committed to organising that paperwork on a regular basis!