Rubbermaid Slide and Stack Baskets

I needed some daily Tidy Tasks to get me back on track with a more streamlined home after the July school holidays... so I shared these daily on facebook and twitter in case others wanted to join in.

Maybe they're a useful reference for other times - or a weekend blitz to get on top of a few items.

Tidy up and toss from the ensuite cupboard so we can find space again. Container's like these help for bottles of various lotions.

My bathroom buzz has me onto the bathroom drawers today. Ever tried a cutlery, or junk drawer organiser or these smart bins, see this you tube clip when I first set them up.

Delegate a regular TIDY TASK to another member of the household today. Now that my youngest is aged 4 the boys are getting into some simple chores.

Lets clean up beside the washing machine or your laundry dump spot. This narrow roll-in/out trolley might help.

Clean up the kitchen bench top.

Don't step over any more things today. Pick them up and find a home.

Will you find a streamlining of the kitchen sink area rewarding? Some ideas here for above and hidden storage below.

Damp washing getting you down? Find a solution / spot for drying in winter.

This fold away airer is great above my washing machine, especially after kids swimming lessons.

I have to clean out the desk top in tray TODAY or I'll feel disorganised and dysfunctional.

Have you got a dishevelled plastics cupboard? Tackle it today or over the weekend. This can be a good way to keep it together.