Declutter Home Toy Rotation

Rotating toys periodically has been working a treat for me in recent years - just this week some supposedly long lost cars and a stuffed toy have re-invigorated play (and avoided some brotherly disputes).

See Professional Organiser Tanya Lea's toy rotation scheme on her Declutter Home blog which examines home and office organisation.

I've pasted it below too for your convenience.

Are you sick and tired of your kids 50 million billion toys?! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but kids do have a lot of toys these days. With yearly birthday parties, Christmas presents, Easter goodies and over generous Aunties (like myself), kids end up with a lot of toys. And if you don’t declutter regularly they can get out of control!

I recommend the once yearly toy cull, or even more regularly if you can. Make it a ritual. I like the idea that after each birthday your child decides which toys he or she would like to give to charity. They could even choose which charity. If they get 10 new toys for their birthday, they have to give 10 to charity. Ok, this might seem kind of harsh… but teaching your kids to give to others is a great lesson, right?!

With the remaining toys setup a toy rotation system:

Purchase some plastic tubs… or fabric boxes, whatever you like (buy two to start). You can buy super cheap tubs from Bunnings Warehouse, Officeworks or your local $2 Shop.
Go through all of your kid’s toys and put half of them away in the tubs. Label the tubs with ‘toy rotation’ and the ‘date’. Include toys that need adult supervision, e.g. ones with lots of pieces.
You can then simply store the tubs away out of the kids’ reach for a rainy day or rotate them every month or so.
You will now be left with half the toys, half the mess and it will take you half the time to tidy up. And don’t worry, your kids will still have enough to play with!