Is your wardrobe woefully messy? Overloading is usually the culprit (in mine too!)

Clear out all of the items taking up space at the bottom. Gift to charity or friends the items you haven't worn in the past year - unless the meet the treasured 'love' category ie a wedding dress.

A great tip to know just how long it's gone without wearing is to turn all hangers around on the hanging bar and when you've worn them, replace hanging the way you normally put them. After a season, you can see what wasn't worn for that season and make some strict decisions.

There are many space saving devices for wardrobes. The favourite on the wall of my walk in wardrobe is the shoe storage that can hang over the back of the door or fix directly to the wall.

Neat Freak has some great modular systems from $24.95 that can add extra hanging space or shelving for clothes without any construction needed.

Specialty hangers can stack on each other to avoid using the full width of hang bars. You can also consider over door hooks for behind bedroom or wardrobe doors for a handbag, jacket, hat or next days clothes.

With all items up off the floors, trim down the excess. You may need space bags for some, toss a lot or use some more free sliding baskets on runners.