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At Everloc, the commitment to creating the ultimate Suction Bathroom products continues with the latest generation of Suction Cap being realized here in the newest range. This new range of Everloc Suction products, consists of every conceivable item, from a range of Suction Shower Caddies, to Suction Toilet Roll Holders, Shelves and Towel Rails. The latest technology has been used to create a Dual Action Tightening System, that incorporates into the suction cap a bonded silicone ring, this ring acts as a secondary seal, filling any small imperfections in the mounting surface. The Everloc range of Suction Baskets, Holders, Shelves and Towel Rings is divided into the Everloc Endure and Everloc Solutions ranges, both provide a wide spectrum of Suction Accessories for the Bathroom that are sure to please.

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