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Kitchen Storage Hints


Pull Out Storage


Store commonly used food, cleaning or utility items in under bench roll out baskets. These also have additional stackable baskets available to increase their capacity and usable space. Shelves that create space, baskets that hang on the cupboard doors and plastic containers are other ways to find more space - particularly useful for sink cupboards.

 Rubbermaid Slide and Stack Basket Large $30.95



Sink Area Organisers


Kitchen sink cleaning tools and items can be stored in clever and easy to reach caddys and holders. Check out under sink storage options to maximise your space too.

Over the tap holder by Cassabella $12.95




Junk Draw Organiser


Modular, expanding and junk, drawer organisers are available in many types. Choose the right kitchen drawer organiser for your circumstances and you may soon be able to find that long lost spoon or scissors that were challenging to locate previously.

Junk Drawer Organiser with Sliding Tray $29.95



Over Cabinet Basket


Store away items like dish detergent and cleaning products in easy to access over the cupboard door utility baskets. These will use that wasted space behind the door and always be at hand.

Over the cupboard door tray by Interdesign $22.95




Expandable Tiered Pantry Organiser


Keep your pantry clutter free with tiered or stacking shelves. Organise fruit and vegetables in stacking baskets or all those special spices you have collected in wall mounted racks.

Made Smart Expanding Pantry Organiser $28.95




Grocery Bag Dispenser


Take charge of your environment and help save the world's. Having an easily accessible wall mounted or over cabinet grocery bag dispenser, will help recycle and reuse plastic bags, having them at hand when needed.

Over the cabinet grocery bag dispenser by Interdesign $29.95



Classic Folding Dish Rack



Leave the drying to someone else, or to a new age dish drying rack whether foldable, collapsible, or compact. Use these racks to declutter your benches, hold your cutlery or dry your most delicate glassware.

Classic folding dish rack $33.95


Under Bench Basket - Chrome 

Use the space under cupboard shelves with the simple slide on addition of under bench or under shelf baskets. Available in various sizes, they can allow for the storage of daily school lunch boxes, pantry goods or packets, lids or whatever you choose.

Under Shelf Basket Chrome Medium $8.95



Roll Out Fridge Storage


Fridge space can often become crammed and disorganised, wasting costly goods. Arrange sauces in a condiment caddy ready to take to the table, keep roll out shelves of like items such as cheese packets & a fridge basket of commonly used goods (eg apples or tomatoes). Stackable food containers, stackable clear fridge bins, egg holders and soft drink can dispensers are also great.

Rubbermaid Roll Out Shelf Medium $6.45 



4 Tier Spice Rack



Stockpiles of herbs and spices provide one of the greatest kitchen storage challenges. Selecting the ideal spice rack or spice draw is a personal perspective to suit your kitchen layout and cooking approach but make sure it works for you.

4 Tier Chrome Spice Rack $14.95


Stainless Steel Magnetic Tool Holder



Protect fingers and knives from unweildly knocks with the use of specific knife storage in your drawers or a magnetic rack.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Toll Holder $23.95



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