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Bag Holders

  1. Made Smart Grocery Bag Dispenser 4555 by Made Smart

    Made Smart Grocery Bag Dispenser

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $9.95

    Store all those unused but definitely wanted plastic shopping bags in this wall or door mountable dispenser from Made Smart.

    Product Features:

    • Wall or door mountable
    • Sturdy plastic design
    • Suction cups for mounting included
    • Holds up to 30 bags

    Dimensions:H330mm x W125mm x D90mm

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  2. Snappy Seal Jumbo Closer 3616-4 by Snappy Seal

    Snappy Seal Jumbo Closer


    The world's easiest way to reseal a plastic bag, just got bigger!

    Now ideal for more than just bread bags, produce bags, frozen veggies but bigger bags or packets holding potatoes, chips, nuts, flour and more.

    The bigger size is even better for those battling poor finger or hand strength.

    The reusable Snappy Seal will do away forever the twist tie and keep food fresher for longer. It is a clever clip that is fast and simple to use and thanks to the magnet on the back there is always one on the fridge when you need it. Simply press down on the top to open the device. Twist up your bag, insert it into the opening and release for a super tight hold. Your bag is sealed in a snap! You can even write on the front of your Snappy Seals to identify packages.

    They are not just for bags though, use them as a clothes pin, for camping needs, sorting & identifying fishing lines, write on it to identify packages in the freezer, and organise cables to computers and other electronic items.

    Product Features:

    • Simple and easy to use
    • Reusable over and over
    • Tight strong seal
    • Freezer safe
    • Magnetic
    • Write on them to identify contents or cords etc
    • Assorted colours

    Dimensions: 84 mm x 44 mm x 10 mm

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  3. Interdesign Classico Over Cabinet Bag Holder 34110 by Interdesign

    Interdesign Classico Over Cabinet Bag Holder


    What a great idea, create a waste bin by using this Over Cabinet Bag Holder by Interdesign.

    Add this Bag Holder over your cupboard or cabinet door to create a simple waste bin for kitchen scraps or any place you need a waste bin. the simple hooks holds a normal plastic shopping bag by hooking the handle holes over the hooks and away you go, give another life to that shopping bag. 

    Product Features:

    • Hooks over cupboard doors
    • Creates a waste bin using shopping bags
    • Solid chrome steel 

    Dimensions: H 45mm x W 190mm x D 140mm

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