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Dish Drying Racks

  1. Polder Advantage 4 piece Dish Rack 4587 by Polder

    Polder Advantage 4 piece Dish Rack

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price $56.95

    This Polder Advantage Dish Rack System is an ideal way to dry dishes, cups and utensils after your daily wash up.

    Featuring a stainless steel frame, large utensil caddy, drip tray for items on the rack to drain into the sink and removable drying tray for for separate items, this dish rack will be most suited to on a bench top, as the tray will drain away excess water to be discarded later. With enough storage for a whole family, this dish rack has it all.

    Product Features:

    • Solid stainless steel frame
    • Drip tray and removable tray for separate items
    • Large utensil caddy
    • Utensil, drip and removable trays are all top rack dishwasher safe
    • Ideal for bench tops

    Dimensions H175mm x W502mm x D356mm

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  2. Made Smart Collapsible Dish Rack 4559-0 by Made Smart

    Made Smart Collapsible Dish Rack

    Regular Price: $37.95

    Special Price $27.95

    This is the kitchen space saving solution that gets your dish rack off the bench top and out of sight. The compact solution also ideal for caravans, camping and small kitchens.

    The robust plastic frame and base collapse together as a silicone panel folds inside itself for storage. The design is simple to pop out again for next use.

    The base features numerous 30mm high prongs to hold dishes in place and a frame for cutlery and utensils.

    Product Features:

    Collapsible for easy storage
    Robust plastic frame and base with silicone panel
    Compacts to a thickness of just 55mm for storage
    Short feet and circular base holes to drain onto sink or bench
    Dimensions H130mm x W368mm x D315mm (55mm high when collapsed)

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  3. Cutlery Drainer White 4564 by D Line

    Cutlery Drainer White


    A simple and practical drainer for your cutlery, it will drain the water away to dry quickly.

    This cutlery drainer also features a removable base for easy cleaning.

    Product Features:

    • Holds and drains your cutlery.
    • Removable base for ease of cleaning
    • Drainage grate interior bottom
    • Top shelf dishwasher proof
    • Divided into 2 sections to hold utensils upright

    Dimensions H130mm x W150mm x D78mm

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  4. Made Smart Small Drying Mat 4559GY by Made Smart

    Made Smart Small Drying Mat

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price $10.95

    Create a handy drying area anywhere with this drying mat from Made Smart. Made from terry cloth, this mat is both durable and stylish.

    Product Features:

    • Machine washable
    • Double sided
    • Great for glassware

    Dimensions: W 457mm x D 381mm

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  5. Polder Spring Dish Rack 4588BK by Made Smart

    Polder Spring Dish Rack


    Polder is a world leader in design and this Spring Dish Rack Drainer is no exception with a long list of features.

    The entire unit is very durable and robust, with the plastic central section being supported by a solid stainless steel frame. Non slip feet will ensure bench tops are not scratched or damaged and the whole unit can be placed near the sink to let excess water drain away.

    Another great feature is the removable utensils bin, which is generous in size and can be used standing on your bench or sink top area. The large stainless steel central spring can hold 9 large plates and the ribbed floor keeps items out of excess water that is simply drained away. the whole unit can be completely disassembled for cleaning, making it easy to maintain.

    Product Features:

    • Robust stainless steel and plastic design
    • Non slip feet on base
    • Removable utensil bin is also free standing
    • Large holder for 9 plates
    • Ribbed standing surface for crockery and glassware
    • Spout to channel water into sink
    • Can be disassembled for cleaning 

    Dimensions: H 135mm x W 365mm x D 395mm

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  6. Umbra Udry Foldable Drying Mat and Rack Charcoal Large U330720149 by Umbra

    Umbra Udry Foldable Drying Mat and Rack Charcoal Large

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $32.95

     Have the best of both worlds with Umbra's Udry Foldable Drying Mat Large which also features a rack for keeping plates, kitchen knives and other items upright.

    The 2 in 1 design offers a dual position option for the rack - at one end or the centre, depending on your needs.

    It's made of a quick dry terry mesh fabric in charcoal colour and offers a huge drying surface measuring 61cm x 45.7cm.

    Product features:

    • 2 in 1 Rack and Mat Design
    • Dual positioning rack
    • Quick Dry
    • Terry mesh fabric 100% Polyester
    • Large 61 x 45.7cm area mat
    • Colour Charcoal

    Dimensions: H 25mm x W 610mm x D 457mm

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  7. Interdesign Metro Over Sink Caddy 51216 by Interdesign

    Interdesign Metro Over Sink Caddy

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price $49.95

    Simplify your sink area with this compact in sink dish rack, the Interdesign Metro Over Sink Caddy.

    It's made of rustproof aluminum with a matt silver finish, proving sleek and practical.

    Within its smokey grey inner (made of strong plastic) is 3 cutlery sections and a slat base with drain holes.

    The extendable top arm can bridge larger gaps and sinks, expanding up to 57.8cm wide. 

    The sunken section measures 345mm x 214mm.

    Product features:

    • Aluminium with matt silver finish
    • Rustproof Lifetime Guarantee
    • Strong plastic inner features 3 cutlery sections & slat base with drain holes
    • Extendable top arm expands to 57.8cm wide
    • Sunken section measures 345mm x 214mm

    Dimensions: H 105mm x W 430-578mm x D 215mm

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  8. Acrylic Sink Caddy Concave Bath402small by Daya Design

    Acrylic Sink Caddy Concave

    Regular Price: $68.95

    Special Price $35.95

    A simplistic design that can hold many sink items right where you need them, in the sink.

    This sink caddy by Daya Design is eqaullay at home in the KItchen, Laundry, or Bathroom.

    Product Features:

    • Made from 10mm thick acrylic
    • Ideal for holding and storing sink items
    • Will not rust
    • Easy to clean

    Dimensions: H 110mm x W 520mm x D 180mm

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  9. Pop Up Collapsible Dish Rack 10127 by Seymours

    Pop Up Collapsible Dish Rack


    This Pop Up Dish Rack brings sleek tidyness to a benchtop when not in use - storing flat at just 54mm thick.

    Pop open to store cutlery and utensils in 4 different sections, while nodules on the base keep plates, bowls and mugs stable.

    Collapse to take up minimal volume. Ideal for kitchen cupboards, camping and caravanning.

    The pop up collapsible dish rack is made of durable white plastic, which is break resistant and easily wipes clean. It features a silicone gusset pliable enough to collapse the side panels into the base for compact storage.

    Product features:

    • Collapses for storage to just 54mm height
    • Sturdy lightweight plastic design
    • Silicone gusset pliable for compact flat storage 
    • White to match any decor
    • Easily wipes clean
    • Great for home or caravanning
    • Takes up minimal volume when flat.

    Dimensions: H 54-123mm x W 365mm x D 310mm

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  10. Interdesign Classico Over Sink Drainer 60105 by Interdesign

    Interdesign Classico Over Sink Drainer


    Out of stock

    An in sink dish drainer that has expanding arms to fit, non slip grippers on both feet and arms, a Thermobond rust resistant satin finish and looks and feels great... that is the Interdesign Classico Over Sink Dish Drainer, in a compact design.

    Fully expanded, this in sink dish drainer is 51cm wide, giving it capacity to fit most sink sizes. It will also collapse back to only 420mm for smaller sinks or storage.

    The basket has 9 slots for plates and is 30cm wide, so it will fit into a sink only 30cm wide, but can also accomodate larger sizes. This drainer would be ideal for caravans, apartments or smaller families.

    Product Features:

    • Frame expands to fit most sinks
    • Rust resistant Thermobond satin finish
    • Non slip rubberized sections on feet and arms
    • Basket will fit in sinks of 30cm in width or larger

    Dimensions: H 100mm x W 420mm to 510mm x D 210mm

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