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Laundry Storage Hints

Leifheit Telegant 100



Maximise drying space for your clothes in underutilised areas while minimising the area it sucks up. Wall mounted or over door clothes airers offer great alternatives.

Leifheit Telegant Plus 100 $89.95


Evriholder Magic Holder 3 Position


Lift brooms and mops off the ground or base of cupboards by using their handles to create a tidier appearance and preserve your cleaning tools. It makes them so much easier to grab when needed.

Evriholder Magic Holder 3 Position $16.95 



Iron Caddy Deluxe Tubular


Mount irons and ironing boards with pupose designed iron holders that provide a rack to slot them into - mountable in cupboards, on walls or over doors. 

Iron Caddy Deluxe Tubular $9.95



Rubbermaid 3 Pack Storage Cube Unit



Create extra laundry storage options with the use of some nifty items from our utility storage range. Sliding baskets, wall racks, collapsible crates, swivel towel rails, carts and trolleys can assist for the right purpose and location.

Rubbermaid 3 Pack Storage Cube Unit $29.95 



3 Divided Laundry Hamper 

Optimise your space and functionality by using a laundry hamper that suits your available space, how you plan to use it and store it. They range from pop up, foldable options to those you can carry to the laundromat and the full on sorter on castors. 

3 Divided Laundry Cart $119.95 



Single Shelf Towel Rack


The finishing touches can complete the recipe for an entirely functional working space. Consider if how you operate works best with towel rails, drawers, plastic containers, over door hooks, baskets and cleaning tools.

Single Shelf Towel Rack $4.95

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