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Fanstastic, you have taken the first steps to a new garage and all of it's storage possibilities.

In this 3rd and final installment, I will help with some tips on how to put all we have talked about into action, whether that is you installing the entire system, or arranging for a competent person to do it all for you.

So far we have culled, zoned and maybe decided what type of system or storage device will suit your needs and garage and approximately the positions of most items.

The next step is go out into your garage and take a look at the walls. If you are considering hanging items on your walls, the most important aspect here is the weight bearing capacity and this is directly related to how you install your storage system.

So what do you see when looking at the walls in your garage, brick or masonary walls, drywall or Gyproc like inside your house or maybe even exposed beams. By far the most common wall we see is the drywall or Gyproc walls. The secret to installing your new garage system, particulary if you intend to store heavy items is finding the type and location of the studs in the walls or correctly attaching to your brick walls. Attaching say the top rail of a shelving unit or wall panel to these wall studs or brick correctly is essential to provide the strength needed.

Mounting your new garage system onto a brick wall or metal and wooden studs does vary considerably, I am more than happy to advise about the correct method for you, email me at or call 1300 573 396.

If you intend to install yourself, the basic tools needed are a stud finder, level, power drill, correct type of screws for the job or wall plugs, a ladder and possibly a saw, prefferably a power circular saw. We can also cut to your needs, contact me for details or call 1300 573 396.

If you dont have the skills or tools to D.I.Y. then a good handyman or a franchise service like Hire A Hubby is what you need. With a little explanation of what you want to acheive and the products in your garage waiting to install, most good trades people will be able to get it all done for you a few hours.

Some more points to consider when installing a garage system:

  • Measure up your items to store before you install tracks. One of the common mistakes we see when installing tracks is not considering how the item needs to be hung on a hook. If for example the track is installed to close to the ceiling, you may not have enough room to lift your shovel or bike to get it onto the hook.
  • You don't need to install wall panel from top to bottom. Work out the height of your wall and leave the same gap at the top and bottom, this will save on material and avoid the need to cut a panel horizontally, which can be quite difficult.
  • Hooks and accessories from different brands don't fit other panels or tracks. Choose carefully the brand of storage you select for your needs, taking into account future requirments, so research the entire range and what they offer.
  • Depending on your storage requirments, wall panel can be installed in sections, staggered in height or just installed as 1 strip at a given height. The goal here is flexibility, when your needs change, hooks and accessories can be moved to suit.

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