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Other Storage Hints

Cord Tidy



Extension Cord Tidy $5.95





4 Tier Roll In Roll Out Cart


A gap between your fridge or washing machine and the wall can be used to store a multitude of items and roll out of the way when you are done.

Roll In / Roll Out 4 Tier Storage Trolley $49.95





Coffee Capsule Organiser


Coffee Capsule Organisers can keep the serious morning coffee fan calm and collected ready to select the days variety.

Youcopia Cafe Stack Organiser $39.95





 Expanding Under Sink Shelves

Maximise the usable space under you kitchen, laundry or bathroom sinks with a free standing twin shelf which is not only expandable, but allows you to place the slotted shelf rests where you require to work around your plumbing. 

Made Smart Under Sink Expanding Shelf $42.95 




Large Veg Tidy


Stackable vegie tidies can be used for much more than the kitchen / pantry area. Consider sorting smaller laundry items, a tub for each persons shoes at the door or garage or each house mates bathroom belongings where storage is light on.

Trend Large Stacking Vegetable Tidy $8.95 




Box Tidy


Garden and Garage puposes aren't the only use for the Box Tidy. This folding sectioned storage isn't only useful for car boot storage, but kids toy storage.

Box Tidy Green Outdoor $24.95 or Black Organiser $29.95




 Made Smart Collapsible Dish Rack

Maximse bench space with a dish rack that can slip away out of sight when not in use.

Made Smart Collapsible Dish Rack $25.95





Whitmor Drawer Divider



Maintain order in kitchen, bathroom, office or dresser drawers by inserting adjustable length drawer dividers to sort and separate contents. The adjustability allowing you to determine what size sections suit you and change them as you need.

 Whitmor Adjustable Drawer Divider - Set of 2 $21.95



 Boobie Trap Bra Organiser

Better store and protect your intimate apparel within the slotted sections of the Boobie Trap Bra Organiser that also makes it easier to find the item your searching for. 

Boobie Trap Bra Organiser $39.95




Trend Fridge Basket


Group like items together for easy discovery in loaded fridge shelves. Perfect to grab an apple from the fridge or those smaller packets in the pantry.

Trend Fridge Basket Small $3.95




Magnetic Silicone Organiser


Keep pens ready on the fridge door or small utensils on the stove front with this silicone organiser featuring an inbuilt magnetic attachment.

Silicone Magnetic Organiser $6.95




Spectrum Key Rack With Shelf


Create a central hub to locate keys, wallets, mail or those small items that risk being misplaced. Perfect size to avoid creating a junked up dump location.

Spectrum Key Rack With Shelf $15.95 




Bamboo Bath Caddy


Make some time out to rest, recover and soak away daily stresses with a good book on the perfect bath caddy rest.

Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy $79.95




Rapstrap Green



Want a cable tie, but it needs to be flexible and not cut into what it's securing? Or be able to open and re-close, or get several loops out of the same item... preferably all looped together? Then this flexible polymer rapstrap is for you

Rapstrap pack $4.95



Wide 3 Drawer


Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Unit $54.95






Spectrum Fold Up Hanger Holder


Spectrum Fold Down Hanger Holder $11.95

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