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Yes, I thought the same thing you are most likley thinking right now, an electric potato masher? That was until I used it. Mashing potato is not rocket science, but making really good smooth mash is an art that pro chefs seem to be able to produce with ease.

Well, that problem of second rate, lumpy mash is a thing of the past when you have a Masha, by Prep.

Boil potatoes in salty water till tender, drain, add milk and butter if you wish, turn on the masha move it up and down through the potatoes and in less than a minute, you have perfect mash potato, chef style. Detach the rotor blade and run under water to clean, or put the mesh base and rotor in the dishwasher.

Oh and yes, it can also mash any type of root vegetable, avocado, whip cream and help make scones, muffins and mince dishes.

When I started to write this description about the masha, I was going to talk about the double reduction gearbox, ergonomic handle and rotor cone technology, but instead I decided to just describe what this great kitchen tool can add to your culinary repertoire.

Product Features:

  • Simple to use and make perfect mash
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Stores in kitchen drawers¬†
  • Quick realease rotor
  • Dishwasher safe mesh base and blade
  • Great for baby food

Dimensions: H 300mm x W 80mm x D 80mm

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