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Get Organised

Get Organised

  • Get rid of it - If you haven't used it in a year, chances are you won't.  Enhance your efficiency by removing unecessary items.
  • Labelling - containers, boxes, shelves and even freezer items so that everyone in the household knows things belong in their specific space.
  • Grouping - by clustering similar things together nearest to where they're most likely to be used you cut down on non-productive time wasting which accumulates.
  • Alternative storage locations - think outside the square to maximise the options in your home.  Some M.D.F. board over beams in the roof space can become a footing for rarely used items such as a boxed christmas tree and decorations. An outdoor garden shed or cabinet can free up garage space for overflow items from inside the home and think about the walls and ceiling in your garage, shelves can store a lot, it's out of the way and off the ground!

Kitchen StorageKitchen Storage

  • Create more bench space by using shelving boosters in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Save shelf space by installing sliding baskets and spice racks to the inside of cupboards.
  • A stylish dish drying rack can make a tidy feature of those benchtop necessities.
  • Also avoid the clutter of dirty dishes when teamed with our cleaning organisers.
  • Sick of finding tea towels littering your benchtop? Perch them on hooks and rails.
  • Be ready for unsightly spills and sticky fingers by keeping paper rolls on purpose built towel holders.
  • Tidy up cooking implements with stylish utensil holders.
  • Eradicate time wasting trying to find things in overloaded junk drawers with draw organisers.
  • Contain that unruly collection of plastic bags with a grocery bag dispenser.
  • Reduce paper clutter in your kitchen by hanging a pin board or magnet board inside your pantry door to maintain a clean look.
  • Save freezer space by stacking products in similar labelled containers or using lightweight, vinyl-coated wire units.


Over Toilet Rack

Bathroom Hints

Bedroom Storage

  • Free-up room in your wardrobe by adding over the door hooks for shoe organisers, ties,belts and clothing.
  • Better organise your shoes and wardrobe to regain more space and save time finding things.
  • Dresser organisers can also help you find things at a glance.
  • Tidy up your closet and maximise storage space by using storage boxes on top shelves or even the ground.
  • Get rid of clothes that you haven't worn in over a year.
  • Buy a bed with built in drawers or use under bed organiser chests or vacuum bags - they're great to store out-of season clothes.
  • Bed side cabinets offer more storage space within draws rather than just having a table.
Bedroom Storage
Laundry Storage

Laundry Storage

    • Hooks behind doors can enhance hanging space by hiding towels, robes or even mesh bags for bath toys or toiletries.
    • De-clutter your floors by hanging shelving units on the wall and mounting ironing racks.
    • Hang mesh laundry bags on hooks behind your bathroom or laundry doors to store dirty washing - 2 bags could even help you sort colours or hand washing as you go.
    • Compact folding clothes airers can be tucked away in tiny gaps as well as mops and brooms on racks.
    • Hang mini shelves inside laundry cupboards or roll shelving stands into gaps beside washing machines or the spare fridge.
    • Attractively store rolled bathroom towels in a large wicker basket.

Garage Storage

Garage tips
Living Room

Living Room

    • Consider furniture that contains storage options such as coffee tables and entertainment units with draws or enclosed cabinets.
    • Use ottomans with storage underneath.
    • Consider bar stools and dining chairs that can be stacked when not in use.

Child's Room

  • A sofa bed is a great asset for sleep overs.
  • Wall hangings with storage pockets will help keep small items off the floor or prevent them getting lost in larger toy boxes.
  • Consider a bed or cot with built-in draws or shelves - or maximise the space under beds by using a trundle bed or storage tubs for sports gear, shoes or blankets.
  • Novelty fold away laundry hampers are fantastic for toys.
  • A pin board can be fantastic for reminders, photos or showing off latest artwork, certificates and sports rosters.
  • Multi-purpose tubs can create versatile shelving or storage options.
  • Use nappy boxes to store baby clothes elsewhere - marking the size on the outside ready for the next child's use.
Child's Room

Organised Pantry

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