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Well, you have Culled and Zoned, now you need to decide what type of products you need to suit your garage storage needs.

There are many types of garage storage systems available, but the main points to consider are:

  1. Ease of installation
  2. Versatility
  3. Expandability

Installation I will cover in the next instalment of this journey to organise your garage, but for now we will concentrate on points 2 and 3.

The simplest form of garage storage is the floor standing shelf, these are available in many types with differing widths, shelf configurations and construction materials.

When we first moved into our house (pre Lifespace garage organising solutions for sure), 2 of these shelves and 2 fixed position Wall Mounted Bike racks were my weapons of choice against the clutter. Armed with these from the hardware store, I spent the afternoon putting a couple of them together and attaching to the walls, stuffed all my stuff into plastic boxes, hung up the bikes and I was done.

Then we had children, the spare room we used as an office, was now the nursery. I did not have anymore room for more of the floor standing shelves, so more plastic boxes where purchased, these were filled with eclectic items from the household and stashed in the garage where ever they would fit. Over and above this, all my long handled tools like rakes and brooms, where leaning against the wall in the corner,the whipper snipper was lying on the floor along with all my fishing gear. The floor became cluttered and there was no organisation at all.

It was around this time that we started Lifespace and one of the first sections started on our website, was garage storage. My eyes were opened to possibilities of using the walls to store everything. Once my horizons where stretched, I threw out the shelves and bolted on bike racks and started again. 

Back to my above check list, yes the floor standing shelves and bolted on bike racks were easy to install, but as far as versatility and expandabilty, sadly no. These offered no storage for all the other things I had in the garage, so a better option was needed.

My solution was to install tracking. Tracks provided me with high up shelving for camping gear and boxed items, bike racks, heaps of places for fishing rods, the whipper snipper, rakes, brooms and shovels and the versatility to move them or change at any time.

Garage systems that use this valuable wall space to it's maximum, basically come in 2 types, Wall Panel and Wall Tracking.

Wall Panel:

When you want maximum flexibilty of the wall space, panel is the best choice (see left wall of picture). By this I mean that once it is on your wall, the panel enables you to use the entire area, horizontally and vertically.  All hooks, accessories even cabinets can be moved at any time to suit your changing circumstances.

Wall Tracking:

Tracking on the other hand only allows moving of hooks and accessories horizontally on one track (like those pictured on the right wall above), but it is more cost effective and in many cases the ideal solution. Tracking can be installed in rows on a wall and long items like rakes and whipper snippers don't hang over wall space that then cannot be used.

Shelving Units:

These come in differing configurations of widths, depths and shelf numbers, but these will keep your gear up high and off the floor. The simplicity of installing a shelving unit like this is all you need to attach to your wall is the top rail, all other components simply hang from this at your preferred height.

Fixed position holders:

Sometimes a really simple holder for brooms and long handled tools etc can be the best solution for you. There is also the Steadyrack bike storage system which has some unique features worth exploring. By hanging these where you want in your garage these items are off the floor and ready for use.

Cabinets and Workbenches:

Workbenches and cabinets can transform your garage into a great hobby area or a place to maintain your car. Cabinets are available in many sizes and these can be movable, lockable and hang on walls. Portable workbenches are really practical in small garages, tuck them in a corner when not in use.

Ball Rack, Whipper Snipper, Shoe Shelf:

Many hooks, baskets and accessory holders can create areas such as a drop zone near your garage entry door where shoes, school bags and daily used items can left. Common garage items for the garden or sports equipment can also be stored in zones for easy access.


The above is a quite simple overview of the types of garage storage available. If you have any questions about your garage, don't hesitate to contact me.

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