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White Magic Eco Cloth Oven & Cooktop

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Clean the most stubborn grease and grime for your oven and cooktop with White Magic's Oven and Cooktop Eco Cloth.

Its aggressive nylon fibres provide a deep penetrating clean for microwaves, ovens, barbecue and cooktops like a grease removing magnet.

White Magic's Microfibre Eco Cloth range can perform 99% of household cleaning chores without the use of chemicals, more efficiently and effective than you can imagine.

The award winning cleaning cloths are used around Australia by professional cleaners and have proven extremely long lasting. See how the special integrated microfibre technology cleans in White Magic's associated video using a special blend of polyester (great for absorbing grease and oil) and polyamide (brilliant at absorbing water), with fibres that are 100 times finer than a human hair. 

A percentage of all White Magic sales are donated to Asthma Australia to support community education programs - Another way White Magic is helping people with asthma to breathe better. 'Asthma First Aid Checklist' Magnet included in the box.

Product features:

  • Oven and Cooktop Eco Cloth - made with aggressive nylon fibres to clean the most stubborn grease and grime
  • Suitable for use on oven, barbecue, cooktop and microwave
  • Dual sided - abrasive side for scrubbing grease and grime, flat side for wiping and polishing - just add water
  • Guaranteed for 300 machine washes (expected to last for 500)
  • Larger size 32 x 32cm that the professionals love.
  • For a streak free finish use White Magic's Window and Glass Cloth to dry the surface

Dimensions: W 320mm x D 320mm

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